Sunday, March 5, 2017

New Blogger

G'day everyone. I'm new to blogging. I figured I would share a little bit about myself, before I blogged & what I'll be blogging, also the reason behind the name of the blog.

I'm currently a homeschooled student. Yes, I'm used to all the stereotypes people label us. The way I see it - it's a blessing! I have a broader way of learning & not stuck in a building 5 days a week for 8 hours. Many say I'm sheltered, but that is not true. However, some homeschooled students are sheltered. Don't assume a homeschooled student is sheltered. Throw away the stereotypes. If you're curious as to what being homeschooled is like, ask & not assume first. I've had people automatically assume I was dumb.

I'm an unashamed devoted Christian. Attending church, ministry, & being connected to God are top priorities for me. This doesn't mean I'm better than anyone. It's just means I'm trying to live out God's plans for me & striving to know what He wants for me.

I have two younger special needs brothers, so I often do obtain questions from many people about them, but that's part of being a sibling of someone with special needs, is being able to educate others & advocate.

I don't have many hobbies. I enjoy creating lyric videos, being very involved with church, watching YouTube, writing, & hanging out with friends.

I happen to be from the Carolinas, home of Krispy Kreme, Cheerwine, part of the Bible Belt, good home southern cooking, & southern hospitality. Our vocabulary is different. We say 'y'all' to everyone. Oh, I love Christian music. I do listen to hours of music a day & enjoy going to concerts.

Limitless with Identity..... I bet the name caught some of y'all's attention. I'll be blogging about mission trips I've been on in the past, devotions, encouragement, what I'm experiencing in my walk with Christ, & if you have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. I would not give out people's names for privacy purposes. I respect people's privacy & do enjoy being able to encourage someone. Also, I'm open to topic suggestions & I can do devotions based off of song suggestions as well.

Behind the name of 'Limitless with Identity' - we're limitless through the power of Christ. The world gives us limits based on age, size, & looks, but to Christ, none of that matters. We can do more than what our human minds think we're capable of. Each of us has an Identity. The world constantly gives us labels & tells us what our Identity is. Not only that, it's easy to place our Identity in earthly things when they all perish. Our true Identity is found in Christ.

                    Hope you enjoy my blog posts in the future.
                                                                                   Blessings, EO

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