Sunday, March 5, 2017


When I was 16, I went on my first mission trip to Calabash, NC. It was just a few hours from where I lived, but I had always wanted to go on a mission trip. It was construction work. I went with my church & everyone was in their 50's & older, minus my new youth leader. He had just been hired by our church right before the trip. When I was deciding if I should go, I thought, "Now what is a 16 year old girl gonna do on a construction site that knows nothing about construction or tools?" I listened to a song by my favorite singer, Colton Dixon called 'Limitless.' It made me realize that my age doesn't limit me to what I can do. I thought I was too young to work on a construction site or to go on a mission trip. These thoughts can easily suade us away from what God really wants us to do.

It was the middle of September & always hot outside. Everyday, we went to the construction site & worked Monday through Friday. This is when homeschooling has it advantages. Each day on the construction site, it was several guys, me, & one other lady. We were building a church building.

On the first day, me & the lady did fire stopping, which means we would climb up a ladder & put caulk around thick chords that ran through the ceiling up to the attic. The church was built to the studs so far. The AC unit was being installed that week we worked there. After that, we moved lumber back & forth into the building. I definitely learned a lot of new skills while there. I had never worked on a construction site. The next day, my youth leader, Michael & I put in power boxes. I was also taught how to use a drill, clamp down cables, & wire a light switch.

During the week, I taught a devotion, which I had never done. At the time, I was reading a new book I had bought. It was called Stronger by Clayton King. I had never taught a devotion, so I based the devotion off that with scripture. It lasted for about 20 minutes with open discussion. I was pretty happy that I didn't stutter or fumble with my words. There was only about 10 in the room & we were just sitting together in the living room. It was a great devotion.

The week flew by pretty quickly. God showed me what I thought would be impossible. He's God of the impossible. Little did I know that the mission trip would be a start for me & a start on a new path for me. God taught me to trust Him in His plans even when I'm apprehensive about it. If God's calling you to do something that you think you can't do, trust God & not the human mind.

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